Why should I cover my Subsidence Excess

Property Owners normally insure their property with a policy for House Insurance, Block of Flats insurance or Commercial Property Insurance. The policy should include cover for Subsidence even if the property has previously suffered Subsidence damage and is underpinned.

Insurance policies that include Subsidence include an excess of at least £1,000 which has to be paid when a claim for subsidence damage is made. Many insurers are increasing the Subsidence excess particularly on previously underpinned Homes, Blocks of Flats or Commercial Property with excesses of between £2,500 and £5,000 becoming more common.

To gain an extra layer of protection and additional peace of mind Subsidence Insurance Protection will provide insurance to protect you against paying all or part of the Subsidence excess should you be unfortunate and have to make a claim for subsidence damage.

The number of claims for Subsidence damage has been increasing due in part to the extremes of weather that is now becoming more common. You are potentially more likely to suffer subsidence damage and have to make a claim so it would be prudent to take out cover to protect yourself against paying a high excess.

The yearly fully inclusive cost to insure your Subsidence Insurance excess starts at only £28.50 for an excess protection of £1,000. Various levels of excess can be insured on underpinned or non underpinned Homes, Blocks of Flats or Commercial Property. The choice of excess protection is yours as you can insure all or part of a Subsidence excess subject to certain limitations.

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